Consulates and Embassies serve as a Government body that are set up to look after the welfare of the nationals of that country and assist foreign national to find accurate and updated information on visa and immigration system.

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Embassies and Consulates of Comoros

Comoran Embassy in Brussel, Belgium

Embassy of Comoros in Brussel, Belguim
Pijnbomenweg 27, 1180

City Brussel
Phone 2-218.41.43
Fax 2-218.69.84
Comoran Consulate in Brussels, Belgium

Consulate of the Comoros in Belgium
Brussels, Belgium

City Brussels
Phone (32-9) 34-95-493
Fax (32-2) 21-84-143 ou 21-86-984
Comoran Consulate in Burundi

Consulate of the Comoros - Burundi

Phone (257) 93-93-10-27
Fax (257) 929-728-09 ou 226-097
Comoran Embassy in Paris, France

Embassy of Comoros in Paris, France
20, Rue Marbeau 75 016 , Paris, France

City Paris
Phone (331) 40 67 90 54
Fax 48 45 13 65
48 59 87 26
Comoran Embassy in Tripoli, Libya

Embassy of the Comoros in Tripoli, Libya
Tripoli, Libya

City Tripoli
Phone (218) 444-95-02
Comoran Consulate in Luxembourg

Consulate of the Comoros - Luxembourg

Phone (352) 456 790-444 343
Fax (352) 456 792-445 795
Comoran Embassy in Tana, Madagascar

Emabssy of Comoros in Tana, Madagascar
Tana, Madagascar

City Tana
Phone (261-20-22) 658-19
Fax (261-20-22) 658-19
Saudi Arabia
Comoran Embassy in Djedah, Saudi Arabia

Embassy of the Comoros in Djedah, Saudi Arabia
Djedah, Saudi Arabia

City Djedah
Phone (966 1) 293 46 97
Fax (966 1) 293 47 97
Comoran Embassy in Singapore, Singapore

Embassy of Comoros in Singapore
101 Cecil Street, 11-09 Tong Eng Building, 069533

City Singapore
Phone 2201815
Fax 2246590
South Africa
Comoran Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa

Embassy of the Comoros in Pretoria, South Africa
817 Thomas Street, Cnr Church and Eastwood Streets, Arcadia, 0083, Pretoria, South Africa

City Pretoria
Phone 012 342 0138
Fax 012 342 0138
Comoran Consulate in Barcelona, Spain

Consulate of the Comoros in Barcelona, Spain
185, Rue Balmes 08 006, Barcelona, Spain

City Barcelona
Phone 93-200-97-22
Fax 93-200-02-47
United Arab Emirates
Comoran Consulate in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Consulate of the Comoros in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

City Dubai
Phone (971-4) 228-96-55
Fax (971-4) 228-96-54
United States
Comoran Embassy in New York City, United States

Embassy of the Federal and Islamic Republic of Comoros
420 E. 50th St.,, New York, N.Y. 10022

City New York City
Phone 212-972-8010
Fax 212-983-4712

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