Consulates and Embassies serve as a Government body that are set up to look after the welfare of the nationals of that country and assist foreign national to find accurate and updated information on visa and immigration system.

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Embassies and Consulates of Mali

Malian Consulate in Tamanrasset, Algeria

Honorary Consulate of Mali
Consulate of Mali, Tamanrasset Wilaya, Algeria

City Tamanrasset
Phone (+213) 29341578, 29344511
Fax (+213) 29344511
Malian Embassy in Luanda, Angola

Embassy of Mali
5 Rua Alfredo Velner, Zona 11, Nelito Souares, Luanda, Angola

City Luanda
Malian Consulate in Vienna, Austria

Honorary Consulate of Mali
Mariahilfer Str. 5/1, 1060 Vienna, Austria

City Vienna
Phone (+43-1) 5877748, 5877223
Fax (+43-1) 5873720
Burkina Faso
Malian Embassy in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Embassy of Mali
2569 Avenue Bassawarga, B.P. 1911, Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso

City Ouagadougou
Phone (+226) 50381922/3, 50300535, 50382373
Fax (+226) 50381921
Malian Consulate in Calgary, Canada

Honorary Consulate of Mali
83 Edenstone View NW, Calgary, AB T3A 4T4, Canada

City Calgary
Phone (+1-403) 239-0763
Malian Consulate in Fredericton, Canada

Honorary Consulate of Mali
541 Charlotte Street, Fredericton, NB E3B 1M1, Canada

City Fredericton
Phone (+1-506) 455-4110
Fax (+1-506) 455-2934
Malian Consulate in Montreal, Canada

Honorary Consulate of Mali
1100 Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest, Suite 1100, Montreal, PQ H3B 4N4, Canada

City Montreal
Phone (+1-514) 876-2800
Fax (+1-514) 876-1886
Malian Consulate in Toronto, Canada

Honorary Consulate of Mali
519 Spadina Road, Toronto, ON M5P 2W6, Canada

City Toronto
Phone (+1-416) 489-4849
Fax (+1-416) 489-0379
Malian Consulate in Richmond, Canada

Honorary Consulate of Mali
9115 Jaskow G.T., Richmond, BC V7E 5H6, Canada

City Richmond
Phone (+1-604) 821-1731
Fax (+1-604) 821-1732
Malian Consulate in Hong Kong, China

Consulate of Mali in Hong Kong, China
Unit 902, 9/F, Tower 1, Cheung Sha Wan Plaza, 833 Cheung Sha, Wan Road, Kowloon

City Hong Kong
Phone 25340666
Malian Embassy in Beijing, China

Embassy of Mali in Beijing, China
8 Dong Si Jie, San Li Tun No. 3, Beijing 100600, P.R. of China

City Beijing
Phone (+86-10) 65325530, 65321704/5
Fax (+86-10) 65321618
Malian Embassy in La Habana, Cuba

Embassy of Mali
Calle 84 y Mar, Miramar, La Habana, Cuba

City La Habana
Phone (+53-7) 851110
Malian Consulate in Copenhagen, Denmark

Honorary Consulate of Mali
Aldersrogade 6A, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

City Copenhagen
Phone (+45) 39270349
Fax (+45) 39273995
Malian Embassy in Cairo, Egypt

Embassy of Mali in Cairo, Egypt
3 Sharia El-Kawsar, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt

City Cairo
Phone (+20-2) 3371614, 3371895
Fax (+20-2) 3371841
Equatorial Guinea
Malian Consulate in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Consulate of Mali
Apartado Postal 567, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

City Malabo
Malian Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Embassy of Mali
Embassy of Mali, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

City Addis Ababa
Phone (+251-11) 2712601
Fax (+251-11) 2712601
Malian Consulate in Marseille, France

Honorary Consulate of Mali
47, Rue de la Paix, 13001 Marseille, France

City Marseille
Phone (+33) 491549009, 491330152
Fax (+33) 491541991
Malian Consulate in Nice, France

Honorary Consulate of Mali
301, Boulevard de l'Obervatoire, 06300 Nice, France

City Nice
Phone (+33) 493265597
Malian Embassy in Libreville, Gabon

Embassy of Mali
Quartier Louis, Boite Postale 4007, Libreville, Gabon

City Libreville
Phone (+241) 737382, 738280
Fax (+241) 738280
Malian Embassy in Berlin, Germany

Embassy of Mali
Kurfürstendamm 72, 10709 Berlin, Germany

City Berlin
Phone (+49-30) 3199883
Fax (+49-30) 31998848
Malian Consulate in Düsseldorf, Germany

Honorary Consulate of Mali
Erkrather Str. 306, 40231 Düsseldorf, Germany

City Düsseldorf
Phone (+49-211) 7308230
Fax (+49-211) 7370220
Malian Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany

Honorary Consulate of Mali
Esperantostr. 61, 60596 Frankfurt, Germany

City Frankfurt
Phone (+49-69) 638657
Fax (+49-69) 638657
Malian Consulate in Hamburg, Germany

Honorary Consulate General of Mali
Hamburger Str. 11/VI, 22083 Hamburg, Germany

City Hamburg
Phone (+49-40) 2278039
Fax (+49-40) 2279869
Malian Embassy in Accra, Ghana

Embassy of Mali
P.O.Box GP 1121, Liberia Road, Ministries Area, Accra, Ghana

City Accra
Phone (+233-21) 663276
Fax (+233-21) 774395
Malian Embassy in Conakry, Guinea

Embassy of Mali
Boîte Postale 299, Conakry, Guinea

City Conakry
Phone (+224) 30461418, 30443303
Malian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia

Embassy of Mali in Jakarta, Indonesia
Jl. Mendawai III / #18,Kebayoran Baru,, 12130 Jakarta, Indonesia

City Jakarta
Phone 6221 720.8472 or 726.8504
Fax 6221 722.9589
Malian Embassy in Tehran, Iran

Embassy of Mali
10 Masjed Alley, North Hedayat, Darous, Tehran, Iran

City Tehran
Phone (+98-21) 88720810
Malian Embassy in Rome, Italy

Embassy of Mali
Via Antonia Bosio 200, 00161 Rome, Italy

City Rome
Phone (+39) 0644254069, 0644254068
Fax (+39) 0644244029
Ivory Coast
Malian Embassy in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Embassy of Mali
Maison du Mali, 46 Boulevard Lagunaire, Boîte Postale 2746, Abidjan 01, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

City Abidjan
Phone (+225) 20323147, 20331584, 20215514
Fax (+225) 20215514, 20331045
Details Consulate Tel#: (+225) 20323071, 20311593
Ivory Coast
Malian Consulate in Bouake, Ivory Coast

Consulate of Mali
01 B.P. 4198, Bouake, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

City Bouake
Phone (+225) 31635048
Malian Embassy in Tripoli, Libya

Embassy of Mali
Rue Dahamani, P.O.Box 2008

City Tripoli
Phone (+2818-21) 3331305, 4444925
Fax (+2818-21) 3331302
Malian Embassy in Nouakchott, Mauritania

Embassy of Mali
Tevragh Zeina, Boîte Postale 5371, Nouakchott, Mauritania

City Nouakchott
Phone (+222) 5254078, 5254081
Fax (+222) 5254083
Malian Embassy in Rabat, Morocco

Embassy of Mali
Rue Thami Landour Souissi Raba, Rabat 7, Morocco

City Rabat
Phone (+212) 37759125, 37759121
Fax (+212) 37754742
Malian Consulate in Niamey, Niger

General Consulat of Mali
Boîte Postale 10115, Boulevard de la Liberté, Niamey, Niger

City Niamey
Phone (+227) 20754188, 20723290
Fax (+227) 20754290, 20754369
Malian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria

Embassy of Mali in Nigeria
IBB Boulvad, Plot 465, Maitama

City Abuja
Phone (+234-9) 5230494
Office Hours 9am - 4pm
Republic of Congo
Malian Consulate in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

General Consulat of Mali
B.P. 2067, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

City Brazzaville
Phone (+242) 835279, 835261
Malian Embassy in Moscow, Russia

Embassy of Mali
Ul. Novokuznetskaya 11, 113184 Moscow, Russian Federation

City Moscow
Phone (+7-495) 9510655, 9512784, 2310655, 2302985
Fax (+7-495) 2302889
Saudi Arabia
Malian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Embassy of Mali
P.O.Box 94331, Riyadh 11693, Saudi Arabia

City Riyadh
Phone (+966-1) 4658900, 4659495
Fax (+966-1) 4648714, 4657567
Saudi Arabia
Malian Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Consulate of Mali
P.O.Box 5379, Jeddah 21422, Saudi Arabia

City Jeddah
Phone (+966-2) 6514940
Fax (+966-2) 6514940, 6574567
Malian Embassy in Dakar, Senegal

Embassy of Mali
Boîte Postale 478, 48 St. Maginot, Dakar, Senegal

City Dakar
Phone (+221) 8234893, 8246252
Fax (+221) 8234894, 8259471
South Africa
Malian Embassy in South Africa

Embassy of Mali
872 Pretorius Street, Block B, Arcadia 0083, South Africa

Phone (+27-12) 3427464, 3420676
Fax (+27-12) 3420670
Malian Consulate in Khartoum, Sudan

General Consulate of Mali
P.O.Box 15095, 167/60 Djeref Street, Khartoum, Sudan

City Khartoum
Phone (+249-1) 83245743
Fax (+249-1) 83245745
Malian Consulate in Stockholm, Sweden

Honorary Consulate of Mali
Sturegata 29, 11436 Stockholm, Sweden

City Stockholm
Phone (+46-8) 54521700
Fax (+46-8) 54521710
Malian Consulate in Geneva, Switzerland

Permanent Mission of Mali to the United Nations
International Centre Cointrin ICC, Route de Pré-Bois 20, Bloc D, 3e etage, Case Postale 1814, 1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland

City Geneva
Phone (+41) 227100960
Fax (+41) 227100969
Malian Consulate in Basel, Switzerland

Honorary Consulate of Mali
Spalenberg 25, 4001 Basle, Switzerland

City Basel
Phone (+41) 612611373
Fax (+41) 612511314
Malian Consulate in Lomé, Togo

Honorary Consulate of Mali
Boîte Postale 821, Quartier Ablogame, Rue de la Paix, Lomé, Togo

City Lomé
Phone (+228) 2213458, 2213188
Malian Embassy in Tunis, Tunisia

Embassy of Mali
117 Avenue Jugurtha, Mutuelleville, B.P. 54 Nouvelle Ariana, Tunis 1002, Tunisia

City Tunis
Phone (+216) 71708836
Fax (+216) 71708494
United Arab Emirates
Malian Consulate in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Consulate of Mali in United Arab Emirates
P.O. Box 3792, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

City Abu Dhabi
Phone 00971506601541
Fax 0097167452016
United States
Malian Embassy in Washington DC, United States

Embassy of Mali in Washington DC. USA
2130 R Street, NW,, Washington DC 20008-1907, U.S.A.

City Washington DC
Phone (+1-202) 332-2249, 939-8950
Fax (+1-202) 332-6603

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