Consulates and Embassies serve as a Government body that are set up to look after the welfare of the nationals of that country and assist foreign national to find accurate and updated information on visa and immigration system.

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Embassies and Consulates of Mozambique

Mozambican Embassy in Luanda, Angola

Embassy of Mozambique
Rua Amilcar Cabral 102, r/c, Caixa Postal 12117, Luanda, Angola

City Luanda
Phone (+244-222) 331158
Fax (+244-222) 332883
Mozambican Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil

Embassy of Mozambique
SHIS QL 12, Conjunto 07, Casa 09, Lago Sul, 71630-275 Brasilia, DF, Brazil

City Brasilia
Phone (+55-61) 2484222, 2485319
Fax (+55-61) 2483917
Mozambican Embassy in Beijing, China

Embassy of Mozambique
1-71 Tayuan Office Building, San Lui Tun, L, 8th Floor, Beijing 100600, P.R. of China

City Beijing
Phone (+86-10) 65323664, 65236664, 65323578, 65323762
Fax (+86-10) 65325189
Mozambican Embassy in Havana, Cuba

Embassy of Mozambique
Ave. 7a No. 2203, Miramar, Havana, Cuba

City Havana
Phone (+53-7) 2042445, 2042443
Fax (+53-7) 2042232
Mozambican Embassy in Cairo, Egypt

Embassy of Mozambique
24 Babel Street, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt

City Cairo
Phone (+20-2) 7486389, 7605505
Fax (+20-2) 7486378
Mozambican Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Embassy of Mozambique
P.O.Box 5671, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

City Addis Ababa
Phone (+251-11) 3728622/3, 3718593
Mozambican Consulate in Munich, Germany

Honorary Consulate of Mozambique
Bayerstr. 33, 80335 Munich, Germany

City Munich
Phone (+49-89) 59998116
Fax (+49-89) 59998109
Mozambican Consulate in New Delhi, India

High Commission of the Republic of Mozambique in India
B-3/24 Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057, India

City New Delhi
Phone +91-11-2615 6663
Fax +91-11- 22615665
Office Hours Monday to Friday : 9:30 am to 4:30 pm Visiting Hou
Mozambican Embassy in Tokyo, Japan

Embassy of Mozambique
Shiba Amerex Building 6F, 3-12-17 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073, Japan

City Tokyo
Phone (+81-3) 54190973/4, 54193656
Fax (+81-3) 54420556
Mozambican Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya

Embassy of Mozambique
P.O.Box 66923, Bruo House, 3rd Floor, Standard Street, Nairobi, Kenya

City Nairobi
Phone (+254-20) 221979, 214191
Fax (+254-20) 222446
Mozambican Consulate in Blantyre, Malawi

Consulate of Mozambique
P.O.Box 5364 Limbe, Masauko Chipembere Highway, Nunes Building, Blantyre, Malawi

City Blantyre
Phone (+265) 1643189, 1644320
Fax (+265) 1644907
Mozambican Consulate in Porto, Portugal

Consulate of Mozambique
Rua dos Santos Pousada, 441, Sala 4, 400-486 Porto, Portugal

City Porto
Phone (+351) 225377535, 225377536, 225191712
Fax (+351) 225103405
Mozambican Embassy in Moscow, Russia

Embassy of Mozambique
Ul. Gilyarovskovo 20, 129090 Moscow, Russian Federation

City Moscow
Phone (+7-495) 2844007, 2848325, 2843654, 2844319
Fax (+7-495) 2844319, 2004235
South Africa
Mozambican Consulate in Arcadia, South Africa

High Commission of Mozambique
P.O.Box 57465, Arcadia 0007, South Africa

City Arcadia
Phone (+27-12) 4010300/4, 3261101
Fax (+27-12) 3266388, 3266390
South Africa
Mozambican Consulate in Johannesburg, South Africa

Consulate General of Mozambique
18 Hurlinghum Road, Corner Cradock

City Johannesburg
Phone (+27-11) 3275704
Fax (+27-11) 7885476
South Africa
Mozambican Consulate in Cape Town, South Africa

Consulate of Mozambique
45 Castle Street, 7th Floor

City Cape Town
Phone (+27-21) 4262944/5
Fax (+27-21) 4262946
South Africa
Mozambican Consulate in Durban, South Africa

Consulate of Mozambique
320 West Street, 5th Floor, Durban 4001, South Africa

City Durban
Phone (+27-31) 3040200, 3040222, 3040213
Fax (+27-31) 3040774
South Africa
Mozambican Consulate in Johannesburg, South Africa

Consulate General of Mozambique
18 Hurlinghum Road, Corner Cradock Johannesburg, Corner Cradock, Johannesburg, South Africa

City Johannesburg
Phone (+27-11)3275704
Fax (+27-11) 7885476
Mozambican Embassy in Madrid, Spain

Embassy of Mozambique
Rua Damiao de Gois, 347 PO Box 1331 Maputo Mozambique

City Madrid
Phone +258-1-492025 +258-1-492027 +258-1-492030 +258-1-492048
Fax +258-1-492055 +258-1-494769
Mozambican Consulate in Mbabane, Swaziland

High Commission of Mozambique
Highlands View, Princess Drive Road, P.O.Box 1212, Mbabane, Swaziland

City Mbabane
Phone (+268) 4043700, 4041296/7
Fax (+268) 4043692, 4048482
Mozambican Consulate in Geneva, Switzerland

Permanent Mission of Mozambique to the United Nations
Rue Gautier 13, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland

City Geneva
Phone (+41) 229011783
Fax (+41) 229011784
Mozambican Consulate in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

High Commission of Mozambique
P.O.Box 9370, Garden Avenue No 25-25a, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

City Dar-es-Salaam
Phone (+255-22) 2116502, 5133062
Fax (+255-22) 2116502
Mozambican Consulate in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Consulate of Mozambique
Mapinduzi Riad, Kikwajuni, P.O.Box 1044, Zanzibar, Tanzania

City Zanzibar
Phone (+255-24) 2230049
Fax (+255-24) 2232759
United States
Mozambican Embassy in Washington, D. C., United States

Embassy of Mozambique in Washington, U.S.A.
1990 M Street North West, Suite 570, 20036, U. S. A.

City Washington, D. C.
Phone (202) 293-7146/9
Fax (202) 835-0245
Office Hours Hours of Operation Mondays - Thursdays: 9am - 5pm Fridays: 9am - 3pm
United States
Mozambican Consulate in New York, United States

Permanent Mission of Mozambique to the United Nations
420 East 50th Street, New York, NY 10022, U.S.A.

City New York
Phone (+1-212) 644-5965, 644-6800
Fax (+1-212) 644-5972
Mozambican Consulate in Lusaka, Zambia

High Commission of Mozambique
P.O.Box 34877, 9592 Kacha Road, Northead, Lusaka, Zambia

City Lusaka
Phone (+260-1) 220333, 239135
Fax (+260-1) 220345
Mozambican Consulate in Harare, Zimbabwe

High Commission of Mozambique
P.O.Box 4608, 152 H. Chitepo Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

City Harare
Phone (+263-4) 253871/3
Fax (+263-4) 253875

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