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We have started a unique writing corner for all diplomats and diplomatic staff around the world. Now you can exchange your views and share your personal as well as professional experiences with other diplomatic community. It will also give you the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge and expertise with others, right from the comfort of your homes.

We understand that you are spending quite a bit of time and effort for us and we would like you to feel happy doing.We will put your name in our writers list and you can get feedback on your writings from local as well as international readers

Above everything,being a Diplomat Link Writer is great way for you to make your recognition by sharing your knowledge with others, straight from your living room. We are always standing by to support and encourage you.

You can contact us anytime through email and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

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Corporate membership is open to Embassies, NGOs, United Nations organizations and other International organizations, who play an auxiliary role in the development and growth of multiculturalism. Corporate membership helps to support a wide range of activities that are vital for the advancement of multiculturalism in business, government, and academia. Corporate membership contributions will enable us to develop and implement a system for expanding cultural awareness program; enhance the services available to the members of Diplomat Link through its development courses and training programs.

The Corporate Members’ package provides you with various opportunities for promoting your services to our members, partners, subscribers and all those who visit our website. Following is a list of benefits available to our corporate members.

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Salient Links UK Limited launched the Diplomat Link in October 2011 with an objective to provide a platform to diplomatic community to share and exchange their experiences while working in different cultures and countries.


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