Apart from providing an online platform to diplomatic community, here at Diplomat Link we also offer following corporate services

1. Cultural Study Tours

Our team of professional consultants is always ready to arrange and plan professional and economical cultural study tours for diplomatic community to visit and explore world’s most popular cultural and historical places. There are very many good business travel tips out there and the best ones are actually just common sense. Top business travel tips can save you time, money and hassle

2. Conferences on International Relations

  • - Islamic Conferences
  • - Cultural Conferences
  • - Historical Conferences
  • - Study Conferences
  • - Industrial Conferences

3. Diplomatic Lectures

  • - Academic Lectures
  • - International Affairs
  • - International Relations
  • - Diplomatic Lectures

4. Diplomatic Professional Courses

In collaboration with local and international diplomatic academies and institutions, we organize corporate training programs for diplomats. All of our training programs are designed to suit future professional needs of diplomatic community.

5. Sponsored Diplomatic Events

The Diplomat Link is also committed in organizing sponsored diplomatic events including National Days and Cultural Seminars. These events provide diplomatic community an opportunity to share their views on international affairs and cultural values. For further information on these service segments, please contact us at info@diplomatlink.com.

About Diplomat

Salient Links UK Limited launched the Diplomat Link in October 2011 with an objective to provide a platform to diplomatic community to share and exchange their experiences while working in different cultures and countries.


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