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Courses For Students & Diplomats

The Diplomat Link is a digital platform that provides an comprehensive list of online courses on diplomacy at well reputed academies and universities around the world. These online courses listed on our website help young diplomats to find careers in international relations, political science, and global policy making.

Professional online certificates and short courses give students an opportunity to understand the basics and evolution of Global Diplomacy, diving deep into both historical and modern-day diplomatic methods and processes. It helps sharpen their skills in analyzing diplomatic conversations under various modern diplomatic topics.


100+ Online Courses


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Why Diplomat Link?

The Diplomat Link is an online portal and resource center to promote and support academic, cultural and trade relations between the Netherlands and other countries around the world. It provides valuable information about online courses on diplomacy, cultural events, and available internership opportunities for university students.

Our network of global partners includes cultural organisations, online educational institutions, diplomat business clubs, event management companies, art galleries, business groups and carefully selected independent freelance consultants.

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