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Our Business Meetups are a great way to meet entrepreneurs, discuss ideas, and learn from mutual discussions. Together we create global business and trade opportunities for international investors and entrepreneurs. Most of our business meetups are arranged in association with business councils, trade networks, and event management companies. These business meetups are designed to enable business owners, self employed professionals and entrepreneurs share ideas and skills to develop or expand successful businesses.

Business meetups help bring business communities and people together in a more focused and meaningful way. These can range from informal networking gatherings, training workshops, or online discussions on business development. We aim to provide solid supportive relationships by networking with like minded business people, discuss ongoing business challenges and share experiences to perform better.


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Why Diplomat Link?

The Diplomat Link is an online portal and resource center to promote and support academic, cultural and trade relations between the Netherlands and other countries around the world. It provides valuable information about online courses on diplomacy, cultural events, and available internership opportunities for university students.

Our network of global partners includes cultural organisations, online educational institutions, diplomat business clubs, event management companies, art galleries, business groups and carefully selected independent freelance consultants.

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