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Explore Global Cultural Sites With Us

Here at Diplomat Link, we announce cultural study tours with a focus on global arts, entertainment, and distinct experiences. Cultural tourism allows travelers to immerse themselves in the heart of a culture and learn about its history, customs, and traditions. But it's not just travelers who benefit from cultural tourism. Local communities also have much to gain as this form of travel can be a powerful driver for local economic development. Our cultural tours are pure, simple adventures to explore some of the most iconic lands and civilisations on Earth

Most of our cultural tours are offered as all-inclusive packages including flights, hotels, meals, activities and any entrance fees. We invite you to come and join our tours to explore World's fascinating heritage sites, ancient traditions, and beautiful cultures.


Cultural Tours


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Why Diplomat Link?

The Diplomat Link is an online portal and resource center to promote and support academic, cultural and trade relations between the Netherlands and other countries around the world. It provides valuable information about online courses on diplomacy, cultural events, and available internership opportunities for university students.

Our network of global partners includes cultural organisations, online educational institutions, diplomat business clubs, event management companies, art galleries, business groups and carefully selected independent freelance consultants.

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