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Organise A Successful Trade Show With Us

A well organised trade show or business event helps participants to explore potential international business opportunities and can help create networks of buyers, agents, suppliers and other key contacts in a specific country or region. Our wide range of technical skills and expertise make us more confident in conceptualizing, designing and organising successful trade shows.

Our professionally managed trade shows provide business community an excellent opportunity to network and build relationships within the selected industry. Exhibitors can interact with potential customers, suppliers, distributors, and other relevant organisations. With a professional team of experienced IT engineers, we design and develop custom web portals to promote international trade and business updates helping international business community to do business with and in global markets.


Trade Shows


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Why Diplomat Link?

The Diplomat Link is an online portal and resource center to promote and support academic, cultural and trade relations between the Netherlands and other countries around the world. It provides valuable information about online courses on diplomacy, cultural events, and available internership opportunities for university students.

Our network of global partners includes cultural organisations, online educational institutions, diplomat business clubs, event management companies, art galleries, business groups and carefully selected independent freelance consultants.

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